District 33B  including the communities of Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, Stillwater Township, May Township, Marine on St. Croix, Scandia, and Forest Lake

“I’ve been a steadfast advocate for the children of our community. Taxpayers expect and deserve strong academic outcomes from their publicly funded schools. Parents trust me to be a watchdog.”

Elections Matter

Academic improvement, fiscal responsibility, and an enhanced climate were a few of the reasons I decided to run for school board in 2018. You elected me into that seat and I have never stopped working for you. The budget is stable, there is a renewed focus on academic outcomes, LETRS professional development is being utilized with teacher buy-in and there are gains already being seen with our students. More work needs to be done regarding community engagement within our schools, smaller healthier learning environments, and parental and teacher partnerships to empower student success academically. I also see a need to follow policies currently in place in regard to inclusivity and anti bullying behavior. Schools need to have a respectful safe environment in place in order for children to grow, learn, and develop. While teachers are the academic vessel in a child’s education, parents need to be considered the expert when it comes to their children and brought into the learning process as a partner.

It has been challenging throughout the last 4 years. As the board majority shifted, I often found myself standing alone advocating for those very things that I campaigned on including parental choice. The votes may not have been there to drive change, and the transparency and fiscally responsible policies were reversed by the Education MN teachers union supported school board members, but I strongly believe that my advocacy has had a positive impact.

I can see where work needs to be done at the state level to shift our publicly funded education system back into a strong academic experience.

When I ran for my school board seat in 2018 you supported me. Would you be willing to support me in my run for State Representative for 33B? My principles have not wavered and I will continue to fight for the communities of Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, Forest Lake, Scandia, May, Marine On St. Croix, and Stillwater Township. 

I will be running against Josiah Hill in November, the children and the community can’t afford another moment of decline and they can’t afford to be sacrificed for self interests nor special interests. For twelve years Josiah Hill represented the Teachers Union as their president which resulted in community division and academic failures.

Will you be willing to place a yard sign again or consider a donation to my campaign?

I will be out door knocking and want to hear what concerns you may have.

Please make sure to vote for me in the Primary election on August 9th, to ensure we have the candidate that can win against Josiah in November.




STILLWATER, MN — Stillwater School Board member Tina Riehle announced February 16, 2022 she will run for the Minnesota House of Representatives in the newly created District 33B, which includes the communities of Bayport, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, Stillwater Township, Scandia, Forest Lake, and Marine on St. Croix. The seat is currently represented by DFL Rep. Shelly Christensen, who announced her retirement earlier this year.


"I've loved serving the communities of this district on the Stillwater School Board and look forward to continuing my service as the next Representative for District 33B," Riehle said. “As a conservative on the Stillwater School Board I stand for transparency, for the rights of parents to have a voice in their child’s education, and for being a good steward of the tax dollars that go to our schools. In the legislature, I'll bring those same principles to the House floor, amplify our community’s voice in Saint Paul, and work to address the attacks on Constitutional rights. We all deserve a seat at the table. Minnesota needs to give the massive surplus back to the taxpayers, and get politics out of our classroom so our kids can focus on getting a great education focused on strong reading, writing, science, and math skills."


Riehle was elected to serve on the Stillwater School Board in 2018. She’s lived in Stillwater Township with her husband Mark for 17 years. Together they have 6 children and 8 grandchildren. Riehle is a business owner and attends St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Stillwater.


"I have never met a more principled, courageous, hard-working, knowledgeable public servant as Tina Riehle has proven to be. She has dug deep into the operations and budgets of ISD834 and has uncovered many disturbing trends in the district. She is NEVER afraid to speak truth in Board meetings, even when doing so makes others on the Board uncomfortable. She has served the last year with a very hostile, teachers union endorsed Board, who seeks to silence her at every turn. SHE NEVER BACKS DOWN!!!"


In 2019 Democrats have supported significant gas tax hikes, including Gov. Tim Walz's unsuccessful proposal to raise the gas tax by 20 cents a gallon; a 70% increase that would have cost Minnesota motorists $1.7 billion once fully phased in.

In 2021, House Democrats voted to raise the gas tax by $350 million, tying it to the Highway Construction Index — meaning gas prices would rise automatically year after year into the future.

Minnesotans pay $0.47 in taxes per gallon of gasoline, with 18.4 cents going to the federal government and 28.6 cents going to the state.

Here is a link to the daily gas prices average from AAA. 

Minnesotans can’t afford a tax increase. They need solutions such as permanent tax cuts to reduce the financial pressures on families struggling with inflation during this increasingly unaffordable time.


I’ve spent the last 3 years as your school board representative, consistently advocating and voting to increase accountability, academic outcomes,  and parental choice. I’ve fought to keep schools open and defend parental rights in regard to medical decisions and curriculum transparency. I’d like to continue that work where it can have the greatest, long-lasting impact: our MN Legislation. I'll work to address the rise in crime that has spread to our suburbs, protect the unborn and the vulnerable, support our police, and defend our constitutional freedoms including the 2nd Amendment.

I now intimately understand where and how the work needs to be done.  Laws on the books are not being followed while other laws are not enforced, resulting in far too much government overreach with not enough accountability.


Please join us and help bring common sense values back to our community.

We want you to join our team and expand our service throughout the communities of Stillwater, Stillwater Township, Forest Lake, Marine On St. Croix, Scandia, Bayport, May Township, and Oak Park Heights

Thank you for your friendship and support and for joining my conservative efforts during this unsettling, over taxed, and increasingly unaffordable time—It's supporters like you that help change the world every day. I can’t do this without you.

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